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Multicolor Signal light

Multicolor Signal light

17 Eylül 2021 23:16
Multicolor Signal light



Multicolor Signal light, or Red Green Blue, is a type of LED warning light formed from the initials of the colors red, green and blue in English. There are 3 different LEDs in the internal structure of an Multicolor Signal light: red, green and blue. The number of colors that can be taken from Mucco Multicolor Signal light  is 4 types. and provides great convenience in terms of use.


Why should I use Mucco Multicolor Signal light?


When you use Multicolor Signal light , you can easily change the color of your warning lamp without changing the lens. For example, you have two Multicolor Signal light. you are running both in green. But if you need a red warning lamp urgently, you can change it from green to red and send the necessary danger signal immediately. In this way, having interchangeable warning lamps reduces your operating costs. You won’t have to buy a new warning lamp just because of its color.


In addition, you can choose from 16 different sounds of 70-130dB with Mucco Multicolor Signal light, send an audio-visual signal with a warning lamp, manually adjust the volume or turn off the sound if you do not want to use it.


You can examine Mucco Multicolor Signal light in more detail at



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